Hello everyone! Ms. Wu, Mrs. Darko, Mr. Wisdom, and Ms. Davidson, and newest member Ms. Yang are organizing the school store. The school store will continue to sell healthy snacks and drinks as well as items featuring student work! The store will be open every Friday morning during recess time. The 2014/2015 school store is off to a great start! In case you were unaware, the school store began last spring on a trial basis and has continued due to solid support. All proceeds from the school store are used to support educational and teacher resources such as Raz Kids. If you’re interested in further details, please check out the website at www.razkids.com. If you would like to help with the store or if you have any questions, please contact us through email at dmlfnsstore@yahoo.com. We look forward to the continued participation and support of everyone in the school community to make the school store a SUCCESS!

*Special thanks to the Seniors that actively promote and help manage the store! Your hard work is appreciated*


The School Store Team :)

Exciting News Updates!

Thank you to parents and students! So far this year, the School Store has earned 8,000 RMB. We have purchased various educational resources such as; ELL leveled reading books, iTunes applications, colour printer, and flashcards.

How to Order Student Designed Items

If you would like to order a t-shirt, keychain, calendar or mug from the School Store, please download the order form(s) below or ask your child's homeroom teacher to give you a copy of the form. Once you fill out the form, please send the exact amount of money with the order form in a sealed envelope labeled with your child's name and grade level.

Please note: All the student designed t-shirts, postcards, and mugs are custom-made. Refunds or exchanges for different sizes or designs will not be acceptable once the order(s) have been placed.

School Store Items

Calendar.JPGKey chains.JPG


CONGRATULATIONS to the Finalists of the Calendar & Mug Contest!!!

Great work everyone :)



T-Shirt WINNERS 2014/2015

T-Shirt winner Sally GR 9.jpg
Sally ~ Grade 9
T-Shirt winner Dasha GR 9.jpg
Dasha ~ Grade 9

T-Shirt winner Seo Hyun GR 9.jpg
Seo Hyun ~ Grade 9

Rebecca T-Shirt winner GR 9.jpg
Rebecca ~ Grade 9

Postcard/Bookmark WINNERS 2014/2015

Design 3 Yubin postcard.jpg
Yubin ~ Kindergarten

James grade 6 design 1.png
James ~ Grade 2

Postcard winner design 4 Wennie.jpg
Wennie ~ Grade 1

Postcard winner Eva-Claudia design 5.jpg
Eva & Claudia ~ Grade 2

Postcard winner design 6 Aaron GR 9.jpg
Aaron ~ Grade 9

Postcard winner design 7 James GR 9.png
James ~ Grade 9

Postcard winner design 8 Min Soo GR 9.jpg
Minsoo ~ Grade 9

Su-min grade 9 design 2.jpg
Su-min ~ Grade 9